Services is an initiative by Achyut System and Services (P) Ltd, with a vision to make a portal of smallest to largest businesses, services and resources available in each and every corner of the leading cities of Odisha, so that people can find information of their needs by seating at home.

This is is one of its kind local search engines which provides platform.

For People to find their needs by seating at home.
For home, small, medium business and individual service providers gets more exposure to people which helps grow their business.
For branding of businesses, products etc by using the advertisement spaces.

KhojaKhoji Differentiators : City wise database, with facility to find

Smaller to Smallest needs. e.g. Home tutor,Electrician, Plumber, Sewerage cleaner etc.
Nearer to Nearest location. e.g. Rasulgarh->Palasuni->Prachi Vihar.
Special page for daily classifieds. e.g. Events, Movies, Sale, To-Let etc.

Key Services

Save your time using Khoja Khoji : We normally spend time in finding small things e.g. Finding a courier agency, xerox shop, Many times we need those quicker and nearer. Using KhojaKhoji you can find out availability of your need in the desired areas of the city, save your time by not moving here and there.

Find all kinds….small to bizarre, at all places…nearer to far : You have now a platform to find smaller to smallest of things (eg. Finding a cycle repair shop,dance teacher, barber, and sewerage cleaner). Your search comes near to your locality…find your search by locality…from nearer to far…giving you numerous options to chose instead of moving here and there!

Don’t miss out on special events, discounts, sales offers in your city or locality : You might be missing out to avail a special sales offer,   events and discounts. Khoja Khoji aims to connect you through its Classified page (Coming Soon).

Don’t worry if there is no internet  or you are computer illiterate : Call us on +(91)674 6 955 955, 9040 955 955 to assist to find your need.

Advantage small & medium businesses to grow their customers : Khoja Khoji is a platform to be used by every Small and Medium sized enterprises, who can enlist in our business directory, use our classified space and get connected to all of us who   are living nearby you. Starting from tea stall to motor garage, from computer sales agencies to clinics, Khoja Khoji connects you to your customers.

Perfect platform for Branding… Reach out to people on clicks : Khojakhoji provides various advertisement space options to choose as per target customer base, visibility, and more importantly to fit to your budget. We design your advertisement with relevant input from you based on your chosen option.

Help us to serve more…use Khoja Khoji to the fullest!

Use Khojakhoji for your every search need, send your feedback if not found and suggest for betterment.
Enlist in business directory , reach out to people and grow your business.
Add the smallest of services and businesses that you know, and would like to recommend others (helping your city-mates find it as well.
Do free listing of bizarre or uncommon items eg. Availability of bamboo mutton, where to find Old Yezdi bike, finding ghost busters !!